Play Unfair Mario Online

Everyone knows Mario. SuperMario is, perhaps, one of the most beloved games to avid fans of video gaming. Mario is instantly recognizable in every way, from his theme music to his trademark, oversized mustache and blue overalls. However, this lovable Italian character's world has been hijacked in the incredibly frustrating game known as Unfair Mario.

Unfair Mario looks just like the classic Mario game, but appearances can be deceiving. Players are tasked with completing an average level using Mario's normal abilities. Unfortunately, this is not the Mario you know and love. The level is filled with unseen traps and unforeseeable circumstances that will drive you insane by the time you get to the end.

The premise of Unfair Mario is that you must get to the end of the level to win while facing a series of annoying mishaps in an irritating, mind-boggling memory game. Upon starting the level, players are given clear instructions on how to control Mario using the up, left and right keys. Easy enough, right? What the game doesn't tell you right off the bat is that half of the level is booby-trapped into oblivion, but players soon figure this out as they die again and again.

That seemingly sturdy piece of grass right there? Pitfall. That assuredly firm platform in the sky? Death spikes. The entire game is pure madness and requires a plethora of patience to advance beyond the first few seconds of gameplay. Time and time again, you are forced to restart, and guess what? There are only a few checkpoints, but they're enough to help you keep your sanity while you memorize the next round of traps. The game openly tries to trick you by giving you “helpful hints” that are actually a death sentence. For example, at the beginning of the game, it tells you to walk underneath a set of blocks, only to kill you instantly with spikes as you stroll confidently through.

You'll either love it or you'll hate it. We, personally, think that the game is brilliant. It's oddly compelling, and players often have a sense of duty that drives them to waste hours falling from false platforms and being run over by spiked blocks in order to win. Then again, is it really winning if it makes you go crazy? Any way you slice it, the game's creators have undoubtedly come up with an addictive experience that brings out the competitive nature in all of us. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced gamer or a beginner; you'll get frustrated either way. The game requires minimal skill... just a lot of patience.